Welcome to Coeur

Philadelphia's finest lingerie boutique since 1996.

Our Story

Mona Lisa Jackson is not afraid to tell you to take off your shirt. She is not too timid to throw social niceties to the wind and focus on her business’s mission: finding the best possible bra for your body. The first part of Mona’s life was spent as a single parent raising a daughter who loved to draw hearts. When her daughter started college, Mona started her next adventure – she hopped a plane to Paris, the capital of sexy underthings, and attended an International Lingerie Show. Returning to Philadelphia with nothing but grit and an instinct for fit, in 1996 Mona opened the city's premiere lingerie boutique. The hearts Mona’s daughter drew as a little girl are Coeur’s namesake, but after 20 years in business, “Coeur” evokes how Mona loves changing women’s lives by giving them confidence, beauty, and support – right after she tells you to take off your shirt.



This lady is like a carnival booth. She can accurately spot the breast size of a woman from 10 paces. If this were an Olympic event, she'd medal. Heck what I am saying, she'd get the gold. But it's not just a party trick, it's also a public service. She routinely admonishes women for not wearing bras that fit. But she does it out of compassion. Couer sells high quality under garments and provides helpful advice on how to use them. It's her passion to make everyone look better. And those who visit her look better when they leave.
Go here for an uplifting experience! Mona will change your life by putting you in the correct size bra. Forget fittings you had anywhere else, Mona will eyeball you and select right size and style. Browsing here isn't necessary, these are high quality garments and all you do is tell Mona what you're looking for and she'll pull it right out.  Just walk right in, no appointment needed. Trust me, you are wearing the wrong size if you haven't visited here.
As someone who developed a large chest at an early age, bra shopping has become an experience I dread.  I'd rather go bikini shopping or get a root canal.  I needed a strapless bra for a wedding I'm in this weekend (I am not so good at planning ahead) and my friend told me to stop in here and that Mona would take care of me. She definitely did!  After about 15 minutes, I was in a strapless that I felt great in.  No fuss, no crying...just a quick and painless experience.  It's definitely not cheap, so keep that in mind when you stop in, but it's definitely worth it.  I'll be going back!